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Livelihood Training Program

  1. Gardening - Organic gardening has been described as several things: chemical-free gardening, Earth-friendly gardening, natural gardening are just a few. And it is all of these things, but these phrases tend to be so ambiguous they end up causing confusion. For example, “chemical-free gardening” is a total misnomer, because whether you are using organic or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in your garden, they are all “chemicals.” “Natural gardening” espouses images of weeds run rampant and hornworm-infested tomato plants. “Earth-friendly” gardening works, except that everyone has a different view of what they consider to be “friendly” to the planet.
  2. Composting - Organic compost is compost made from organic sources, making it safe to use in organic gardening.
  3. Vermiculture - is a way of composting using earthworms to speed up the process. It is easily done inside the home as it takes only a small amount of room and creates no odor.
  4. Permaculture concept of development - is a design system which aims to create sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns.
  5. Creative Recycling - to us it is using the rubbish in the environment to create something new and different, used in art and in functional items.  Making something beautiful, fun and of value.  Extending the life of second hand and abandoned articles before they go to landfill.  Making the environment better and encouraging people to think past mass produced items.



  • Culinary Herbs; bay leaf, basil, tarragon, rose mary, mint, Italian oregano, kaffir lime, lemon grass, pandan, chives, arugula.
  • Seedlings: vegetables, salad greens, papaya, calamansi, malunggay, passion fruit, ornamentals.
  • Potting soil
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Vermicast
  • Recycled items: Bags, Accessories, Paper craft, etc





Waste Segregation Lecture


Bee Apiary

Coco Dust Production

Eko Kada Tree Planting


Jam Making Demo

Paper Recycling Art